Top 6 Emotional Support Cat Breeds

Do you feel like you are emotionally unstable and could not perform well in your daily routine? A few years back, I was also going through the same condition so I know how does it feels like but do not worry, you can resolve your problem. If you are a weimaraner person, then you need to choose a suitable breed for yourself. Here is a list of cat’s breed that can guide you in adopting the best option for yourself.

Ragdoll cat
If you are looking for a low maintenance cat then Ragdoll is the perfect esa animal for you. These cats have a very trusting and placid personality. They have blue eyes and their fur is so soft that they will always be a pleasure to take a look at them. These munchkin catlike to be petted and will respond to your love and care with their affection. They will also follow you around the house and will not feel alone and alienated. They are sometimes referred to as puppy cats, based on their dog-like behavior.

Burmese cat
These cats are also marvelous ESAs because of their temperament. They are people-oriented and they bond with people very soon. But they prefer to be alone. The best thing about this breed is that these cats retain their kitten-like energy even in their adulthood. They are also very intelligent as you can teach them a few simple tricks like fetch and tap. They will keep you amused throughout the day.

Bengal cat
Do not get scared by the name of this cat… This breed is the result of a human-initiated match between Asian leopard and a domestic cat. If you are looking for an esa with an outgoing personality, then this is the breed for you. It is also affectionate towards its handler but it has a little more energy than the previous two breeds we have just discussed.
Persian cats are extremely fluffy and have long hair. These cats are best for keeping as an esa. These cats do not get over-excited and can easily adjust in small spaces. This quality makes them best for you if you live in a small flat. These cats never crave too much activity so it is easy to manage them with your busy schedule. They seem to be bit shy at first but eventually, you will realize that these are vet loving british shorthair.

Maine Coon
Maine coons have become favorite of majority of the people around the world. They are famous for their friendly nature and probably become your best cure for depression and loneliness. This breed is can adjust with anyone and they can be friendly with other pets and children. This nature makes them very affectionate and sociable.

This breed of cats is the most loyal and loving among all the cats. Siamese cats are playful and they would love to go out and play games. They are also fond of doing some tricks as well. This is the reason that these cats are perfect for being a hypoallergenic cats as they will keep you engage in different activities and reduces your stress and gloomy thoughts. These cats are very sociable and they do not like to be left alone for a long time.

If you have decided that you will going to adopt an esa cat then you also need to know about emotional support animal letter. This letter is necessary for taking your pet anywhere you want to. If you have to travel frequently, then it is extremely useful to keep this letter with you. It will help you in keeping your rat terrier in a rental apartment that has no pet policy. You can get this letter from your therapist. The letter must be updated every year. Having this letter will keep you safe from many problems.

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